Tranquil Touch Healing Massage

Escape, relax and reconnect within!


Tranquil Touch Healing Massage
Fran Overall, LMT
at Back In Touch Wellness Center
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 205
Nashville, TN 37203


When I received my first massage as a birthday present to myself, 
I discovered that massage is a wonderful way to relax, get in touch with 
your body, turn off your busy mind, and connect with your soul 
at a deeper level. I am convinced that the relaxing, healing effects of massage 
are something I want to experience often, and you will too.
Tranquil Touch Healing Massage offers professional massage services to 
adult women and men of all ages. Your massage may include your whole body, 
or focus only on specific areas. Before each session we will work together 
prioritizing your massage needs and goals. Your massage will be individualized 
integrating a variety of techniques to meet your needs that particular day.
Your first massage session will include an initial consultation going over your 
past and present health history. Each session afterward will update any changes
in your health. In every session you will have complete privacy dressing 
and undressing, only remove the amount of clothing you are comfortable with 
and will be securely draped except for the areas being worked. You will 
determine the areas of your body you want worked and the areas you do not. 
You will control the amount of massage pressure. You may talk or not during 
the session – this is your time. You will be treated with respect verbally and 
non-verbally, as my intent is to be an active listener with a tranquil touch.
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